Our Story

The story of our AirGut brand started with our air car fresheners by means of our own design and fragrance formulas in Istanbul in 2019. By the time our specialty in fragrance and our recognition arising from satisfaction were combined with the demands and requirements, we proceeded with household fresheners. In the year of 2021, we started to produce world-class products in our facility of 1000 m².

By virtue of our AirGut brand, we present many options such as dishwasher and cabinet fresheners, scented sachets for drawers, shoe closets and bags, dustbin fresheners, WC blocks having blue water technology for toilet hygiene. Our fragrance scales include floral fragrance, fruit fragrance, tropical fragrance and current trend fragrance, and the selection for the products is created with the meticulous work and experiments.

We set the world alight both in Turkey and world by means of R&D works before the production, usage of advanced technology during the production and our successful sales/marketing strategy after the production.

AirGut at Every Corner of Your Life

All our products present style options as well as the well-known and popular fragrance options. Our aim is to submit difference in desing as well as the nice and fresh fragrance. So, you can be sure that there is always a fresh and inviting option reflecting your character with the fragrances completely designed by us.

We are passionate on the quality of our fragrances. We implement a strict tests and quality assurance procedures in order to be sure that our products comply with high-level standards related to durability, permanence and longevity. We are at every corner of your life with high-quality, long-life and affordable products.

AirGut Privilege

Different Fragrance Options 92%
Style and Design 90%
Permanence 100%
Affordability 95%

Strong Hygiene with Blue Water Technology

AirGut WC Blocks use Blue Water Technology. With the blue water effect the block adds blue agent to the water with every flush, not only cleaning your water closet but also fighting against scale.

6 Effective Functions

With 6 effective functions, AirGut washes your water closet with plentiful foam and leaves a unique scent. As the new name of extra gloss and extra hygiene, AirGut WC Blocks provide excellent freshness with their long lasting fragrance.

Indispensable for Toilet Cleaning

After cleaning the toilet, the first thing you need to do is placing the AirGut WC Block on your toilet and then enjoying the cleanness.